About our online store

Our store offers a diverse selection of toy accessories and circuit boards, catering to a wide array of electronic toy enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on the variety and quality of our products, ensuring that each item meets stringent safety standards. Our product range includes pre-assembled circuit boards, DIY kits, sensors, and various add-ons that can significantly enhance the functionality and enjoyment of electronic toys.

Pre-assembled circuit boards are perfect for those who prefer ready-to-use solutions. These boards are meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with popular electronic toy models, providing immediate enhancement without the need for complex assembly. For those who enjoy a hands-on approach, our DIY kits are an ideal choice. These kits come with detailed instructions and all necessary components, allowing users to build and customize their circuit boards, fostering creativity and technical skills.

Sensors are another crucial category in our product range. These components can add interactive features to toys, such as motion detection, sound activation, and environmental sensing. Our sensors are compatible with a wide range of electronic toys, enabling users to create sophisticated, responsive play experiences. Additionally, our store offers a variety of add-ons, including lights, motors, and sound modules. These accessories can be easily integrated into existing toy setups, providing endless possibilities for customization and enhancement.